Spring came early to Washington State this year, despite record breaking temperatures and reports of widespread rabbit losses and other herd maladies, our Rabbitry had a fantastic season with zero losses.  After our rabbits frantically shed their heavy winter coats, with a lot of brushing help, we found our molting rabbits blossomed and tipped our scales literally.  We found that our junior doe Mrs. Sandy had not only broken the 20lb mark, but shattered it by 3lbs.  Our Senior doe Mrs. Snow also grew tremendously over the Winter, growing in length and girth and now weighs a healthy 21lbs.  We are extremely pleased with our rabbit weights, personalities and colors of our Cotton Patch Originals, it is always wonderful to see your hard work pay off and a rabbitry of giants is a lot of work!  Below are some of the seasonal pictures we captured at the height of Spring, please enjoy these fuzzy tails 🙂


Some of Mrs. Sandy’s babies of the season!

2DDSandyDoe2 2DDSandyDoe

1DDSandyDoe2 SandyDoe1D




Some of Mrs. Snow’s babies!

FawnBuckTwo FawnBuckTwo3

FawnDoe1-one FawnDoe4-1

SandyBuck3B2 SB1-3

SandyDoe3D-2 100_4169_zpskjhqvoqf

Our Cotton Patch Residents!





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