Fall means prepping for the Winter months here at the Rabbitry, thus a busy time of year! 

The quick and the furry highlights:

  • We are inspecting every hutch to ensure it is properly weatherized, checking for any roof leaks and double checking wall integrity (did somebunny chew threw a wall? not like we wouldn’t notice that right away!).
  • Most of our does are having their last litter of the season and or are finishing, which means every nestbox has been deployed.
  • We are selecting our late Fall breedings. Only our most experienced, well rested and efficient doe or does are tasked with this mommy duty.
  • There are several new additions to our Cotton Patch Family. You have heard of the big, the beautiful Miss. Sandy and the young buck who was named after his size Mr. Riese (German for Big). But have you heard of Mr. Dulce, Mr. Silver Spot and Mr. Warbucks? Probably not, but your anticipation will be well rewarded soon!
  • We are working on a couple Pedigree lines for our Purebred Flemish rabbits. Don’t worry we are not throwing out our old bunny bath water for the new, we have a heart! We hope to offer select pedigreed lines in the Spring of 2015.
  • Reports from Cotton Patch Parents continue to be positive and growing. Literally growing, did you know our early season babies are reported to be between 14-18lbs? Already! Way to grow bunnies! Other fun facts, somebunny’s enjoy eating oatmeal and fresh herbs, walks on leashes, car rides, zooming around family dogs and sleeping on couches. These are just some of the funny bunny antics we hear about, keep them coming and we love the feedback!
  • Speaking of car rides, a few of our Cotton Patch Rabbits are soon to be on a show table near you (or not some of the shows are pretty far away).
  • Cotton Patch will soon be hosting events such as seasonal bunny photo ops with equally cute kids, bunny spa days, bunny obstacle course competitions, etc.
  • Other news, apparently creating an interactive website takes a lot of computer screen squinting and time

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