General Care:
All Cotton Patch rabbits are wormed annually and kept in clean above ground spacious hutches to reduce parasite risks. Nails are trimmed every other month or on an as needed basis (more frequently for breeding does). Rabbits are fed twice daily, which includes water exchange (cleaning bowls and refreshing water). To give our rabbits safe time on the ground, we have a rabbit run, which is a rabbit safe yard (free of animal excrement, predators, poisonous plants, etc).

Breeding Program:
Cotton Patch believes in a responsible breeding program. Each breeding doe is given a 2-3 month rest period between breedings. A rest period allows the doe to get a vacation from motherhood, recoup any lost weight and it allows for her body to recover nutritionally so that her next litter can be as healthy as the last. All Bucks and Does take the Winter months off.

Cotton Patch Rabbit Diet:

Rabbit Enrichment:



Every resident bunny at the Cotton Patch has its own personal brush of varying design (pictured below).

Why so many brushes?  
Its for health reasons, much like why we tell our kids not share hair brushes. This way if a rabbit, got Walking Dandruff (a type of mite brought in on hay, veggies, grass, or etc). We don’t accidently spread it to another rabbit. Its just another preventative measure. The freestanding hutches further help us address any potential issues like this, back to that example: If one rabbit got Walking Dandruff it would be treated for this condition and just to make sure its hutchmate would also be treated. But if we had one brush, with a solid string of cages (commercial housing), we would have no choice but to treat nearly every single rabbit in the rabbitry. With approximately 13 seniors, 7 juniors, 13 babies (with more on the way) it could be quite expensive.

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Our rabbits are treated with Revolution to prevent ear/fur mites, fleas and other harmful pests.