Brand New Construction All Weather Cedar Toned Rabbit Hutch
Over all dimensions:
4ft Tall x 5ft Wide x 2ft Deep

2 Stall (each stall 2.5ftLx2ftDx2ftT) – Medium to Large Breed Rabbits
OR 1 Stall (5ftLx2ftDx2ftT) – Giant Breed Rabbits

This All Weather Cedar Toned Hutch features a spacious rabbit friendly interior with two sides and full back which provides just the right amount of comfort all year round. Full French doors provide easy access to all corners of the interior. The french doors are secured with two locking slide bolts for left or right door access. Cleaning this hutch is a breeze with these doors!

A sloped factory painted tin roof with a generous overhang keeps your rabbit dry during the Pacific Northwest Winters. Heavy Gauge wire throughout, wire front is 1″x1″ and a 1″x.5″ floor wire allow droppings to pass through and last many years. Standing 4ft tall at its peak, it features either one spacious 5ft stall (for a giant rabbit) or two 2.5ft stalls (for medium to large rabbits).

The frame itself will easily last the life of most rabbit breeds when well maintained (clean those poop corners) and floor wire is easily replaced through removable backing/sides (on average floor wire lasts 3-4yrs). All screw construction and weather sealing cedar stain ensures lasting durability, the wood is not cedar as cedar oils are toxic to rabbits.

Center dividing wire is EASILY removable, yet sturdy in place. Do not pay just as much for a cookie cutter”cutesy” hutch that simply will not last. We use these hutches everyday, for years and years. Tried and true.


$349 each


Buy two get $49 off your total.
$20 off your hutch with bunny adoption.

Extra’s Available:
Pre-Cut Replacement Floor Wire (make sure you can store that some place safe for a few years!)
Salt Spools
Haystack Rabbit Feed 16%

Delivery available for $1/mile for one direction to most areas.

Located in Winlock, WA.

Please list extras needed