Specializing in Flemish Giants and Giant Rabbit breed crosses for family pets, show and meat production. “These are the fuzzy tails of bunny adventures.”

We are located in Washington State, along the I5 corridor, an hour north of Portland Oregon and an hour south of Seattle.

Purebred Flemish Giants
We feature purebred Flemish Giants both Pedigreed and Non-Pedigreed (coming soon), these gentle giants make great family pets or show companions and litter train very well!

Brief History of the Flemish Giant:
The Flemish Giant is a very old and popular breed due to its large size originally bred in the 16th century around the city of Ghent, Belgium. Their weight can be from 13 pounds and as large as 28 pounds. They usually live between 5-10 years depending upon diet and lifestyle.

Why cross breed giants?
We breed and raise both crossbred rabbits and purebred rabbits. The crossbreeding is done with care and on purpose for several reasons;

Meat Production:
Flemish Giants, because of their advanced size, have very dense bones and a slower overall growth rate. We cross breed the Flemish Giants with Checkered Giants and Broken New Zealand’s for a quicker growth rate, while closely maintaining the giant size. We have found the triple cross of breeds allows us to raise rabbits to butchering quickly size WITHOUT hormones, or unhealthy commercial feeding techniques.

Family Pet Rabbits:
The triple cross of breeds allows for a diverse color selection in family pet rabbits, while also providing a durable large rabbit not easily hurt when cuddled by younger children.

Show Rabbits (Pedigreed and Non-pedigreed):
We have purebred Flemish Giants with or without Pedigree, not every bunny is show quality, when purchasing for show purpose please specify so we can pair you with the best conforming rabbit to its breed standard. In certain show venues such as local fairs crossbred rabbits can be shown in open class divisions, please check with your local 4H or FFA chapter or venue for specific show guidelines.