Our first real good snow of the Winter!

Welcome to the Cotton Patch Rabbitry!

We started weaning two litters 2/17/18 after 8wks with Mom. The babies will be in their weaning stalls, practicing being big bunnies for the next week.

As fourth generation rabbit breeders we are still family owned and operated to this day.  Directly we have over 20years  experience in Rabbit husbandry.  We specialize in Purebred Flemish Giants and other giant rabbit breed crosses for show, family pets and food production.  Our Cotton Patch of Giants is located in Winlock, Washington, just off the I5 corridor, it is approximately two hours South of Seattle and one hour North of Portland.  We travel the I5 corridor monthly, feel free to contact us about meeting up along our travels for rabbits, supplies, feed, etc.  Feel free to browse our website to learn more about our husbandry practices, available rabbits, our Cotton Patch residents, tips/advice and more.



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Cotton Patch Rabbitry is located in Winlock, WA