A Rabbitry Of Giant Rabbits
Cotton Patch Rabbitry

Updated 11/09/19



We are located in beautiful Winlock Washington, which is roughly an hour North of Portland Oregon and an hour with change South of Seattle. 

Our Rabbitry

Our Rabbitry is nestled on a beautiful family farm that specializes in hand raised gentle Jersey Milk Cows , which are raised for other families, including ours.  The farm also features chickens, dogs, cats, guinea pigs and the occasional lamb or pig.

Purebred Flemish Giants

We feature purebred Flemish Giants both Pedigreed and Non-Pedigreed, these gentle giants make great family pets or show companions and litter train very well! 

We have many show rabbits out there!  However not every bunny is show quality, when purchasing for show purpose please specify so we can pair you with the best conforming rabbit to its breed standard. In certain show venues such as local fairs crossbred rabbits can be shown in open class divisions, please check with your local 4H or FFA chapter or venue for specific show guidelines. 

Brief History of the Flemish Giant:

The Flemish Giant is a very old and popular breed due to its large size originally bred in the 16th century around the city of Ghent, Belgium. Their weight can be from 13 pounds and as large as 28 pounds. They usually live between 5-10 years depending upon diet and lifestyle. 

Checkered Flemish Giants

A Cotton Patch Original Proprietary Breed.  Six years ago we started on a long journey to create a truly Checkered Giant, one that does NOT top out at 15lbs (like Checkered Giants).  After years of selective breeding, quadrupling our rabbit population, record keeping and tons of patience, we have nailed it.  We created what we call the Checkered Flemish Giant, 

The Checkered Flemish Giant numbers wise in terms of generations and breeding, is a Flemish Giant, however with Spots.  Except it is a Checkered Flemish Giant, weights range between 15-23lbs and average 17lbs.  Our top weights are weights that we have had ourselves and our bunny parents have reported to us.  Litters can contain both checkered babies and charlies (solid colored babies).  Our colors are Fawn, Sandy, Light Grey and Black.  Patterns vary, the standard is a full mustache with solid ears with even left to right back spots lightly blanketed.  Occasionally our bunnies have recognizable shapes in their spots, we've had Fish, Okay Sign, Smiley Faces, Rising Sun and counting.

These are NOT recognized by the ARBA, therefore are not sanction to be shown in ARBA Shows..  HOWEVER, Checkered Flemish Giants have been shown in meat open class divisions of 4H & FFA, solids have even been shown under Flemish Giants (as technically they are so bred back to Flemish Giants, paperwise they are Flemish Giants).  As always we cannot guarantee this is always the case, check with your individual show venues.

Visiting the rabbitry

Cotton Patch Rabbitry is a "closed" rabbitry.  This means that for bio-security reasons our rabbits are not handled by the general public.  In an effort not to introduce outside "germs" to our rabbits, guests may view our rabbits from a viewing line a few feet away from the hutch itself.  Prospective bunny parents may handle babies from their chosen bunny's litter only.  

We ask visitors to approach the hutch viewing line quietly, keeping small children close and NOT crossing the viewing line.   Rabbits can startle and our rabbits have ample room in their stalls.  This extra room is both good and bad, if startled a rabbit can bolt right into a wall and gravely injure itself.  We do our very best to socialize our rabbits and keep them visible to our guests, please help us be able to continue to do so.

Visits are by scheduled appointment only and only for the purpose of picking up a baby from a litter.  We have a working farm and outside work to tend to, it is not financially feasible for us to give tours.  Again at the time of pickup, bunny parents may view the rabbits from the viewing line.