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Cotton Patch Rabbitry

Updated 11/09/19

Custom Rabbit Hutches

Our Hutch Line


These custom built hutches are built to last the lifetime of your rabbit!  Not a cookie cutter cheap import, each hutch is hand crafted to support the needs of your rabbit.  Built to accommodate routine cleaning and maintenance.  All weather construction makes these hutches suitable, rain, sleet, snow or sunshine.  Our pricing changes based on supplies, so contact us for your quote.  Occasionally we build hutches in advance and have them on hand to sell, when we do this page will update with any ready made hutches.

8ft Cedar Toned Hutch


Busy Spring!  We've sold all of our 8ft hutches on hand.  We can take a custom order, but we do not have any on hand ready to go at the moment.

5ft One or Two Stall Hutch


Busy Busy!  These cute little hutches (4 so far) have been flying out the door.  We are working on a couple more to have on hand (eta is in our spare time pace).  Place your order and we can bump up the priority to get it done sooner.