A Rabbitry Of Giant Rabbits
Cotton Patch Rabbitry

Updated 9/24/19

Litter Details

Checkered Fawn & Sandy

We have Solid Fawn, Solid Sandy, Checkered Fawn and Checkered Sandy Babies.  These babies will be GIANT.


Gender still unknown, due to tiny hard to see internal plumbing.  


Open for Reservations Now (9/22/19)

Set to Wean October 19th

Babies here at the Cotton Patch spend 5-7days in a weaning stall, where they learn to be big baby bunnies away from Mom.  During this time babies are  not handled by visitors, this allows them to continue to develop a strong immunity.

New Homes October 30th

 Babies will be allowed to go to their new homes starting October 30th.  This date is tentative and assumes Mrs. Hereford will nurse the babies until they are 8weeks.  At 8weeks of age the babies will move into a weaning stall where they will remain for a week while they learn how to big.  TENTATIVE DATES 

Care Packages

Every baby bunny is sent home with a General Care Sheet and a well stocked transitional care package.  This is to ensure our babies have the absolute best start possible, so they can grow to be big giant bunnies!  

Meet the Parents

Mrs. Star


 Mrs. Hereford is a Checkered Flemish Giant 

*Pictured at 6months old*

Mr. Caramel


Mr. Caramel is a Purebred Pedigreed Flemish Giant

DOB 8/29/19


Just a few days old!


So Many Colors!

We have Solid Sandy & Fawn, Checkered Sandy and Fawn Babies!


Eyes and Ears just opened


Bunny pile!

So cute!