A Rabbitry Of Giant Rabbits
Cotton Patch Rabbitry

Updated 11/09/19

Our Policies


Health Guarantee


We guarantee that we will not knowingly send you home with a sick rabbit.  However, if for some reason your bunny falls ill within three days of purchasing it, please bring it back to us and you can exchange it for another baby bunny (of similar breeding/cost).  A rabbit exchange is the only compensation we will and can offer.  We do our very best to ensure every bunny is happy and healthy.  New rabbits are kept in isolation cages for 1-2 months.  Cages are sterilized when rabbits are moved.  All rabbits are wormed annually, clean above ground hutches, etc.  Rabbits experiencing any change in appetite, stool or temperament are immediately put in isolation and treated accordingly until well.

That being said, no we cannot guarantee the health of a rabbit once it leaves our Rabbitry.  Personally, I wish we could.  However, there are too many variables like temporary sniffles due to transportation stress, nervous loose stool or even a communicable virus in a hutch, food bowl, etc.  Rabbits are masters at hiding illness, out in the wild this is a good trait, however in a Rabbitry it can be very frustrating.

Please be picky about your new fuzzy addition, check it over head to toe, ask questions and if it does not feel right, than please do not buy it.  We will not be held responsible for any vet bills occurred after purchasing a rabbit from us should something unforeseen occur.

Every bunny is sent home with a food care package to make transitioning to its new home a positive and healthy experience.    Please be very careful what garden vegetables, or yard forage you give your new bunny.  Baby bunny’s tummies are very sensitive and some herbs, vegetables, and forage can be harmful if not poisonous.

We also send basic care instructions home with bunny parents, please follow those closely.

Gender & Sexing

 Quite simply, your rabbit will either be a Buck (Boy) or a Doe (Girl).  Easy!  Wait!  Early rabbit sexing is not a definitive DNA confirmed scientific conclusion.  Young baby rabbits ONLY have internal sex organs and it can be quite the game of peekaboo to discern whether your bundle of fuzzy joy is a Peter Cottontail or a Susie Velveteen.

We will double and triple check your bunny and you should too.  We will never purposely send you home with the wrong gender rabbit, but mistakes do happen.  Should you discover your rabbit is not the intended gender, please let us know right away.  Sometimes gender does not matter to a family and love wins the day, so that rabbit will stay!

Other times it does.  We will not refund your purchase price, we will however exchange the rabbit for one of the correct sex.  Because of mother nature we cannot guarantee this rabbits color and glimmer of its adorable eyes will be exactly the same.  We shall try.  Should we not have just the right bunny, we will take back the wrong bunny and put your at the top of our future litter waitlist.  We will do our best to work with you.


 If down the road you are unable to care for your fuzzy companion, please bring your rabbit back to the Cotton Patch.  We will not buy our Rabbits back, but they will always have a home here.  Please never “release” a domestic rabbit into the wild.   If a “released rabbit” does not die right away it will contaminate the wild rabbit population gene pool and introduce future health problems.  The only returns offered are due to sexing error and it is an exchange only. 


Bunny Deposits Are Non-Refundable.  To be secured on a waitlist we now ask prospective bunny parents to place a small deposit, to confirm intent.  The only way a deposit is returned to a prospective bunny parent is if we are not able to deliver a baby bunny.  Deposits will not be refunded if prospective bunny parents change their mind.  

Hutch Deposits Are Non-Refundable.  To start a custom hutch build, we ask for a percentage of the total cost deposit.  This deposit is non-refundable, unless we are unable to provide the quoted hutch.  If the customer changes their mind, this deposit is forfeited and is not transferable.