A Rabbitry Of Giant Rabbits
Cotton Patch Rabbitry

Updated 11/09/19

Cotton Patch Diet


18% Protein Premium Rabbit Pellets, Fresh Garden Vegetables (seasonal), Foraged Grass, Timothy Hay, Alfalfa, Orchard Grass, Nutrional Grain Blend, Mineral/Salt Block & Unlimited Fresh Water.

General Care


 All Cotton Patch rabbits are wormed annually.   Kept in custom built clean above ground spacious hutches to further reduce parasite risks.  Rabbits have access to food all day, topped off once a day, which includes water exchange.

Fur & Nails


Nails are trimmed every other month or on an as needed basis (more frequently for breeding does).   Rabbits are brushed by molt seasons and or as needed.

Breeding Program


 Cotton Patch believes in a responsible breeding program. Each breeding doe is given at minimum 1 month rest period between litters. A rest period allows the doe to get a vacation from motherhood, recoup any lost weight and it allows for her body to recover nutritionally so that her next litter can be as healthy as the last.



Our rabbits live year round in custom built weatherized spacious above ground hutches with resting boards.  Each mature giant has 8sqft to themselves.  Our does with litters have 12sqft.  



Our rabbits have chew materials, toys, bells and other enrichment materials.  Not all of our rabbits enjoy the same things, so when we discover a preference we try to accommodate it.  ie- Mrs. Hereford does not like balls that jingle, but enjoys them once the bell breaks.