A Rabbitry Of Giant Rabbits
Cotton Patch Rabbitry

Updated 11/09/19



Preventative Care

Prevent Mites & Fleas


Whether its fleas, ear mites, skin mites or even mosquito, Revolution has your bunny covered.  We have used Revolution during the Spring & Summer Months for over six years now.  For use on Rabbits over six months of age, to be placed an inch behind the base of the ears not quite between the shoulder blades.  For single bunny households getting the Cat dose based off your rabbits weight it easiest.  Or for the bargain hunter, you can use our dosing guidelines for bulk purchasing and syringe dosing.  Remember our experience does not trump veterinary advice.  

Safe Chew Options


Fruit trees are a great and safe stick resource.  We recommend sanitizing the wood either by soaking it in water for 24hours then drying CAREFULLY in the oven, or by boiling the sticks and air drying.  We just need to insure any mold or wild bird/animal feces is not present on the sticks.  Always double check to see if a certain tree is safe for rabbits to eat.  Remove any sticks that have gotten too small, as they pose a choking hazard.  

Rabbit Safe Litters


We do not recommend corn husk litter as rabbits have been known to eat it and corn can cause stomach issues for rabbits. But as with any litter, watch your rabbit to make sure its being appropriate with its litter.  No perfumes, no dust and no clays.

Rabbit Safe Wormer


Safe-guard 10% Goat Wormer can be safely used to worm or preventatively worm rabbits.  Give recommended dose two days in a row.  Avoid deworming during heat waves.  We de-worm our rabbits 6mths of age bi-annually.  

Tried & True


All of our rabbits cycles one month on and one month off of ACV Water.  Its cleaned up our pee corners, saved on wire expenses, improved energy levels, you name it!  We love it and thought we would share!  You can start out with 1/2 tablespoon to 1gallon if your bunny is being picky.